Doggie No Slips

Doggie No SlippsDoes your dog slip on the door of your car while trying to enjoy the ride?  Doggie No Slips by Kandy's Krafts™ can help with that!

This product is a thin non-slip material to aid in the gripping of your dog’s paws.  It helps to stabilize their upper body and minimize slipping!  It will also help to avoid scratching from their nails on your car’s interior! This removable style will slide down between your door and window and can be easily removed or put back in.  It can fit in your glove compartment for storage. 

Doggie No Slips in Action!

Please watch the following videos!

Pongo without DoggieNoSlips


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The first one is my dog Pongo without the Doggie No Slips. 

He teeters a little and cannot seem to keep his paws where he wants them because they keep slipping.

Pongo with DoggieNoSlips


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The second video is with use of the Doggie No Slips. 

The road we were on is pretty bumpy, and you can see Pongo moving with the ride and swaying a bit because of the bumps.  The Doggie No Slips help to keep him in a stable position for the ride.

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CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS:  Wash by hand with mild soap and warm water.  Air dry.  DO NOT BLEACH. 

WARNING:  DO NOT allow pets to chew on this product as it may cause a choking hazard.  It is to be used at the sole discretion and risk of each animal owner.  Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential with no offer of guarantee on specific performance. 

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